Bigg Boss Episode 61 Highlights: New wild card entry!

By - April 18, 2022 - 10:02 AM IST

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The episode started with Nagarjuna's colorful entry with 'Aatadukundam Raa' song. Nag talked to all the housemates. He appreciated Shiva and Nataraj's team work. He also congratulated Mithra for becoming the best performer. He asked where and why housemates felt that it is an unfair decision and what unfair things they did. Nagarjuna also showed some videos of what they did wrong and broke all the flags saying that no one played a fair game.


Nagarjuna called Ajay into the confession room and showed a video of him badmouthing and advised him to change his habits. Nag broke Ashu's flag and said that she is a bad and confused captain as well as sanchalak. However, Nag also sent her a donut saying that no one played fair but only made her as a worst performer. Nagarjuna gave them a fun task Doctor-Patient where each housemate should prescribe some medicines for their diseases related to their game.


Shiva gave neem leaves to Nataraj for his barking. Ariyana gave ginger juice for Shiva's mouth itch. Ajay gave amla to Anil for his bp. Mahesh gave amla to Ajay for his hurry behavior. Mithra gave amla juice to Ariyana to regain her energy. Anil gave amla to Shiva for his mouth itch. Hamida gave garlic for Nataraj's over action. Bindu gave green chilli to Shiva as he is a thief. Ashu gave karela juice to Mahesh for his talking. Akhil gave gatlic cloves to Bindu for her brain problem. Nataraj gave karela juice to Hamida for her planned game.


Nagarjuna gave most-loved tag to Mithra and hated badge to Shiva. Nag also kept a fun property picking task and Akhil won the task. Nag also asked the housemates to give movie dialogues to other housemates. Mahesh got eliminated from Bigg Boss house. Mahesh gave flowers on ears to Ajay, Nataraj, Mithra, Ashu, and Akhil.


In the end, Nag announced the wild card entry of Baba Bhaskar who will be in the secret room.

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