Bigg Boss Episode 81 Highlights: Anil and Baba becomes winners!

By - May 05, 2022 - 02:03 PM IST

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The episode started with the housemates dancing 'Raja The Great' song. Nataraj slept and the dogs barked. The housemates tease him. Shiva flirts with Ashu and the duo laugh. Maanas entered the Bigg Boss house and greeted everyone. Maanas made the housemates play a fun task by diving the housemates into two teams and Baba Bhaskar's team won. Both Nataraj and Baba Bhaskar danced to a couple of songs upon Maanas's request. The housemates also joined them.


Maanas started the task where the housemates have to pick the kerchief. Nataraj won the task and got the mystery box. Bigg Boss gave the second task for eviction free pass and the task is that the housemates have to carry a tower of bricks without making them fall. Bindu got out of the task followed by Akhil, Ashu, and Shiva. Maanas gets out of the house and Bindu becomes the sanchalak of the task. Anil won the task. Nataraj claimed that he will use the mystery box for himself.


Nataraj opened the mystery box and it made him go down one rank. Anil becomes the second contender for 'Eviction Free Pass'. While talking to Akhil, Nataraj says that in the previous season, he used to be close with Maanas but his heart got broken when he nominated him.

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