Ashu Reddy agrees smoking in BB House

By - May 10, 2022 - 04:33 PM IST

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Ashu Reddy got evicted from Bigg Boss house this week. Ravi asked Ashu what is her game plan and she said that shd doesn't have any plans but she is happy with her journey. Ravi asked if Ashu gave any chance to audience to point out her and she claimed that she didn't give any intentionally.


Ashu also opened up about her attention-seeking behavior with Akhil and her hiding the smoking habit. Ashu said that Anil, Ariyana, and Baba Bhaskar are the non deserving housemates.


Ashu said that Akhil and Shiva might be the top two. Ashu gave #asli to Nataraj, Shiva, Bindu, Ariyana, Baba Bhaskar, and Akhil, and #nakli to Mithra, and Anil. Ashu took the photos of Akhil, Nataraj, Mithra, Baba Bhaskar, and Bindu and broke the photos of Shiva, and Akhil. Ashu said that she would have nominated Akhil if she is in the house this week.


Ashu gave #solo to Baba Bhaskar, #snake to Ariyana, #slowmoving to Bindu, #pulihora to Shiva, #mahanati to Mithra, #gas to Nataraj, #aparichitudu to #Akhil, #godamidapilli to Anil and #kattappa to Mahesh.

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