Bigg Boss Episode 91 Highlights: Anasuya in the BB House

By - May 14, 2022 - 12:03 PM IST

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The episode started with the housemates dancing to 'Bhale Bhale Banjara' song. Bigg Boss gave another task that the housemates have to guess how many minutes will they appear on the screen and pick a time frame. The highest time is 15 minutes and they all fight for it. The housemates thought of giving it to Shiva but Bindu said that she wants it.


Bindu argues that she didn't have any lines and played in a different way but Shiva got the 15 minutes tag anyway. Akhil got the 11 minutes tag. Nataraj got the 10 minutes. Ariyana got the 9 minutes. Shiva asked Bindu to play but the latter says that if not 15 minutes she wants 1:30 minutes only. Shiva says that Bindu gave up in the task and Bindu argues. Mithra got 7 minutes.


Anil got 5 minutes tag. Bindu and Baba Bhaskar got 1:30 minutes. Bindu apologized to Shiva and they reconcile. Anasuya Bharadwaj enters the Bigg Boss house. Bigg Boss announces that the housemate who impresses her will get a vote appeal. Baba Bhaskar acted as an anchor and introduced Natanjali (Nataraj in lady getup).


Akhil tries to impress by singing 'Apudo Ipudo Epudo' song and gave a flower to Anasuya. Shiva and Anil played a skit and danced to 'Oo Antava' song with Nataraj. Anasuya asked the housemates some questions. Anasuya asked why Ariyana is playing the women card by saying that a lady should win after the family episode but Ariyana said that she has this idea from season 4 itself.


Anasuya asked why Bindu says that Akhil played in groups even though she is playing in groups. Bindu said that she didn't play in groups. Anasuya asked Nataraj that he is playing the game for his daughter but will she be proud after seeing his behavior with others. Nataraj said that it is just him defending. Anasuya asked Akhil why he influenced Mithra against Shiva and Bindu and Akhil said that he didn't influence anyone.


Anasuya asked if Mithra got influenced about Bindu but Mithra said that she didn't get influenced. Anasuya asked Shiva if he will lose the trophy because of his words and Shiva said that it was not intentional. Anasuya asked Anil if he came this far because of his strong group and Anil said that he came this far only because of his game.


Anasuya revealed the first look of her upcoming show 'Super Singer Junior' on Star Maa. Anasuya said that Nataraj impressed her more. Nataraj does his vote appeal.

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