Karate Kalyani's issue takes multiple turns!

By - May 15, 2022 - 11:41 AM IST

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Noted actress Karate Kalyani shot to popularity in the film industry by doing supporting roles. She also participated in Bigg Boss Telugu season 4. Recently, Kalyani joined in Bharatiya Janatha Party (BJP). Since then, she has been actively promoting Hindutva ideology and condemning the anti-religious activities that are happening in the city.


Meanwhile, Kalyani indulged in a fight last night with popular Youtuber Srikanth Reddy. She alleged that Srikanth has been harassing women and is making regressive videos about them.


Kalyani and Srikanth Reddy reside in SR Nagar. On Thursday night, they came across each other when Srikanth was shooting prank videos.


She slapped on the road and objected to his prank videos. She asked him what kind of message is he sending to society through his regressive prank videos. Immediately, even Srikanth also slapped Kalyani and the fight soon turned bigger.


The police have intervened in the case now but there are multiple twists in the case now as Srikanth Reddy is very clear that he is not going to step back from shooting more Youtube videos.

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