Bigg Boss Episode 97 Highlights: New Memories & Old Memories

By - May 19, 2022 - 11:00 AM IST

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The episode started with the housemates dancing to 'Udayinchina' song. Ariyana showed a candid picture of her with Baba Bhaskar and the duo tease each other. While talking to Shiva, Anil and Bindu said that they are excited to see what Bigg Boss will say about them. While talking to Baba Bhaskar, Bindu said that her and Shiva's bond started with pole dance on the first day.


Baba Bhaskar went to see his Bigg Boss journey. Baba Bhaskar saw his pictures all over the garden area and felt happy. He also laughed seeing his #lipkiss on the wall. He looked at every picture and said that it is Baba Bhaskar. Bigg Boss said that it is the first time a wildcard entry made it into the finals and he is the one who created the history.


Bigg Boss also said that Baba Bhaskar has always kept on a smiling face and his time in the kitchen made him closer to the housemates. Bigg Boss also appreciated the entertainment by Baba Bhaskar and showcased his journey. Baba Bhaskar got emotional and thanked him for giving him this opportunity.


Bigg Boss appreciated Anil for showcasing his unique personality without hiding anything and his hardwork brought him the captaincy badge in the first weeks itself. Bigg Boss said that Anil might talk less but will have maximum advantage of his words. Bigg Boss appreciated Anil for his unaltered personality. Anil got emotional seeing his Bigg Boss journey and thanked Bigg Boss for his words and also the video.

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