Demand good cinema from us: Kamal Haasan

By - June 01, 2022 - 02:30 PM IST

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Vikram pre-release event was held in Hyderabad last night. The event saw a full attendance of film celebrities and also fans. Speaking at the event, Kamal Haasan revealed that he is not alone in his cinema journey.


"My biggest hit came from Telugu. I scored continuous hits in Telugu which is why I always feel good coming here," said Kamal Haasan, adding that the 36 films he did with Balachander served as a Ph.D. for his career.


"I have done only a few films in Telugu and most of them became hits. We are trying for a hit with Vikram again in Telugu. The decision is in the audience hands," said Kamal, hoping that the film becomes a big hit.


Before concluding the speech, Kamal said, "Audience should demand us to come up with good pictures. The audience should prove to the producers that they like good films. Please support anyone strongly who is doing a good film. I am a fan of good cinema."

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