'Lady Power Star' of Tollywood - Does Sai Pallavi deserve the tag?

By - June 16, 2022 - 01:07 PM IST

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Generally, heroes get 'star' tags in South India and not the heroines. But if at all a heroine manages to get that tag, it means that she definitely enjoys massive stardom. Only a few heroines have managed to get the star tag. Now, talented actress Sai Pallavi joins the list.


If we take Sai Pallavi, right with her first film Fidaa, she managed to gain huge stardom in the Telugu states. Her stardom reached such a level that people started watching films only for her irrespective of the lead hero in them.


She single-handedly pulled crowds to theatres for her last film Love Story and is being a star in promotions of her next film Virata Parvam. For her charisma, talent, and unprecedented craze, Sai Pallavi definitely deserves the Lady Power Star tag.

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