Trending: Bandla Ganesh's interesting speech about Puri's wife

By - June 24, 2022 - 12:00 PM IST

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Star director Puri Jagannath's son Aakash Puri is all set to test his luck with his upcoming film 'Chor Bazaar'. The makers have recently organized a grand pre-release event for the film. Actor turned producer Bandla Ganesh who shares a great rapport with Puri's family also attended the event.


While talking at the event, he scolded Puri saying that Puri Jagannath has made so many people into superstars but is nowhere to be seen when his own son's movie is releasing. Bandla Ganesh added that Akash will definitely become a superstar one day and Puri has to wait in line to get his dates. While talking about Puri Jagannath's wife, Bandla Ganesh made some interesting comments which are going viral on the internet. "My vadina called me and asked me to come to the event. I like her so much. She is a gem of a person. If someone asks me how to be an ideal mother, sister, wife, daughter, and daughter-in-law, I will say that they should be like Lavanya gaaru. I haven't seen Sita Devi but I can say that Lavanya Gaaru has the same patience levels as Seeta Devi. She has the great qualities of Kunti Devi who gave birth to Karna. I respect her as much as I respect my mother. She has a great personality. So ramps and vamps might come and go but she is forever and it is the responsibility of Aakash, Pavitra, and Puri Anna to worship her. Love you vadina," said Bandla.


"You came to Puri when he has only Rs. 200 in his pocket. So many people came to Puri after he became a star director. But she is the one who came to him when he has nothing," added Bandla. Lavanya also got emotional with Bandla Ganesh's speech.

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