Shocking criticism on Prabhas

By - August 04, 2022 - 04:00 PM IST

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Prabhas is the National star. He is a pan-Indian actor. He enjoys a big fan base but as days pass by, he is losing all the charm. He was the most desirable man once but nowadays, no one is liking his looks. There is a lot of trolling on him for his looks.


Prabhas is in the film business and he needs to look well. However, for the choices he is making, no one is heavily impressed. Prabhas' latest look is drawing a lot of criticism.


Prabhas was last seen at the pre-release event of Sita Ramam. The actor attended the event as a chief guest. Prabhas put on weight and lost all the charm in his face. It is clear that he is not taking proper care. The fans are highly disappointed with Prabhas in this aspect.

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