Bigg Boss: S6: E9: Second Week Nominations

By - September 13, 2022 - 09:01 AM IST

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It's Monday & it is for nominations in the Bigg Boss house.


- Unlike the prevous week, Bigg Boss asked the inmates to participate in nominations on Monday itself.


- All the housemates except captain was asked to nominate one person. Captain Baladithya was asked to nominate two people.


List of Nominations:

Arohi - Adi Reddy

Shrihan - Geethu

Faima - Revanth

Adi Reddy - Marina/Rohit

Geethu - Revanth

Arjun Kalyan - Revanth

Neha - Geethu

Chanti - Geethu

Adi Reddy - Marina/Rohit

Abhinaya - Shani

Sri Satya - Shani

Sudeepa - Geethu

RJ Surya - Geethu

Keerthi Bhat - Revanth

Rajasekhar - Revanth

Revanth - Geethu

Inaya - Adi Reddy

Shani - Abhinaya

Vasanthi - Faima

Aditya - Shani & Rajasekhar


Revanth got five nominations while Geethu got six nominations. Both are the center of the attraction now.


Final Nominated Contestants:

Rajasekhar, Shani, Abhinaya Sri, Rohit-Marina, Faima, Adi Reddy, Revanth


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