Viral: Sudheer Babu gets trolled for his insensitive comments

By - September 14, 2022 - 09:09 AM IST

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Sometimes, actors may deliver a few statements out of fun but they get conveyed in the wrong way and eventually end up those actors in trouble. Popular hero Sudheer Babu is in such a situation right now.


A few weeks back, Sudheer Babu attended the pre-release event of Aadi Sai Kumar's Tees Maar Khan. His statements at this event are now going viral all over social media.


During his speech, Sudheer Babu speaks about the film's female lead, Payal Rajput. He says that Payal is a very pretty actress and made a sparking entry into the industry. He then tried to crack a joke about Payal's heavily torn jeans.


"In case you don't have money, tell me. I will buy you jeans or donate you some money," said Sudheer Babu. Now, this statement is going viral on social media.


Netizens are lashing out at Sudheer Babu for his insensitive comments. "Of course, this is a very nice thing to say to someone on their movie prerelease event. ugh the crowd making noise for this," tweeted a netizen. "@starlingpayal shouldn't have remained silent, Should give it back on the spot," wrote another user.

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