Bigg Boss: S6: E21: Nag gives ratings to housemates

By - September 25, 2022 - 11:52 PM IST

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Bigg Boss TV show is at the end of the third week. As usual, Nagarjuna is back in the show and has reviewed the housemates' performance.


Nag analyzed the captaincy of old captain Rajasekhar and also complimented the new captain Adi Reddy. He also asked some of the housemates to stand back on the sofa.


Among the last week's weak performers, Shrihan and Sri Satya improved, and Nagarjuna has showered praises on them. Later, he gave some points to the housemates based on their performance in the house.


3 for Baladitya

5 for Rohit marina

4 for Keerthi

4 for Sudeepa

9 for Sri Satya

9 for Revanth

6 for Rajasekhar

5 for Chanti

6 for Geethu

8 for Adi Reddy

8 for Arohi


Nagarjuna also reviewed the performance of some of the housemates.


He clarified the issue that took place between Inaya and Shrihan. Both apologized to one another. Later, Nag also told Revanth that he should keep his words in control.


For the first time, Nagarjuna nominated two housemates directly to the nominations. This has never happened in Bigg Boss history in the past.


The two housemates are:


1. Keerthi Bhat

2. Arjun Kalyan


The reports say that Neha Choudhary is evicted from the show.

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