Bigg Boss: S6: E23: Smashing Nominations

By - September 27, 2022 - 09:21 AM IST

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Bigg Boss Telugu is one of the trending reality shows in Telugu. Nagarjuna Akkineni is the host of the show. Currently, it is day 22 in the Bigg Boss house. There are currently 18 housemates in the house and 10 of them are nominated officially.


Samarame is the wakeup song for the day, indicating the nominations officially in the house.


Nominated Contestants:

Inaya, Revanth, Arohi, Surya, Sudeepa, Shrihan, Geethu, Rajasekhar, Arjun Kalyan, and Keerthi Bhat.


Inaya has received a maximum number of votes this week. Among the above nominated contestants, both Arjun Kalyan and Keerthi Bhat are directly nominated by the host.


Among these 10 housemates, the weakest are Arohi Rao, Arjun Kalyan and Keerthi Bhat. Inaya Sulthana is playing her game well but she is losing her temper very easily. She had fights with many housemates and it was evident in the house as well.


The major fights that took place are between the following pairs:

Aaruhi & Faima

Inaya & Keerthi

Shrihan & Inaya

Revanth & Keerthi

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