Bigg Boss: S6: E26 - Emotions & Twists

By - September 30, 2022 - 10:22 AM IST

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Bigg Boss Telugu TV show is into the end of fourth week. There are interesting twists in the captaincy task for the fourth week.


Bigg Boss showcased the video of the babyshower event of Revanth's wife Anvitha. It made Revanth very emotional and he count not control his tears. He cried a lot and the housemates consoeld him for a long time.


After that, the first level of the captaincy task is introduced in the Bigg Boss house. In the first level, one by one, the captaincy contenders were out of the contention as the housemates had a chance to disqualify one person.


Revanth disqualified Rajasekhar. RJ Surya disqualified Vasanthi. Adi Reddy disqualified Arjun Kalyan. Baladithya disqualified Faima. Chanti disqualified Geethu. There are still some of the housemates expecting the captaincy badge. As of now, they are wishing that they would stay in the race and go into the next level.


On the other hand, a major argument took place between Chanti and Geethu about the game. We have to see if it gets resolved in the next episode.

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