Bigg Boss: S6: E28: BB Chat Bhandar

By - October 02, 2022 - 11:46 AM IST

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It's 27th day for the housemates in the Bigg Boss house, and as usual, Nag reviewed the game played by the housemates. He appreciated a few, criticized a few and gave suggestions to a few. However, he gave his review this time by giving them tips in rupees.


The following is the result.


Geethu, Revanth, Faima, Sri Sathya, Shrihan - 1000 Rupees

Sudeepa, Arohi - 500

RJ Surya - 700 Rupees

Keerthi Bhat, Vasanthi - 200 Rupees

Marina & Rohith - 100 Rupees each

Baladithya, Adi Reddy, Chanti & Inaya - Zero Rupees


Also, among Baladithya, Adi Reddy, Chanti and Inaya, Nag asked the housemates to decide on who will not get a chance to take part in the captaincy race, going forward.


Captain Keerthi picked Chanti after it was a tie between Chanti and Inaya.


Later, in BB Chat Bhandar game, the housemates fed Pani Puri to one another by giving some attributes to them.


Onions - One who makes them cry - Baladithya, Geethu & Revanth

Bitter guard - One who is Toxic - Chanti, Geethu, Shrihan

Chilli Sauce - One who is Rude - Geethu, Arohi

Aloo - One who is Lazy - Sri Sathya, Geethu, Adi Reddy

Water - One who has no character - Baladithya

Salt - One who has to be in their limits - Geethu, Revanth

Jam - One who is Misfit for the house - None got it.

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