Sunitha Boya stages a naked protest in front of the Geetha Office

By - November 18, 2022 - 01:32 PM IST

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Junior artist Sunita Boya made it to the headlines a couple of years ago by alleging that popular producer Bunny Vaas harasses her. Since then, she staged multiple protests in front of the Geetha Arts office in Hyderabad.


Even earlier this year, Sunitha protested in front of Geetha Arts office in a half-naked state. The police handled the situation and made her withdraw from the protest.


Once again, the story reached back to square one as Sunitha Boya staged a protest last night in front of the same Geetha Arts office in a full-naked state. Immediately, women cops arrived at the location and dressed her. Later, they have taken into custody.


Sunitha Boya told police that she is struggling to earn even her monthly expenses and demanded justice in Bunny Vaas's case. The police told her that Bunny Vaas is not at the office and assured her that they will look into the issue. They sent her back home by giving her some money.

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