Bigg Boss Telugu: S6: E82: Siri & Shrihan

By - November 25, 2022 - 06:40 PM IST

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Bigg Boss Telugu TV show is into the crucial phase currently. Nagarjuna Akkineni is the host of the show. Despite the show generating poor ratings on TV, the show is holding well.


On Thursday's episode, more families have come to the Bigg Boss house.


Keerthi's friend

Keerthi's friend and her co-star Mahesh has entered the Bigg Boss house. Keerthi got motivated with his words who also encouraged her whole-heartedly. She is extremely happy with the presence of her friend in the house.


Siri in the house

Siri Hanumanth who was seen in Bigg Boss season 5 is back in the Bigg Boss house for Shrihan. She is the romantic interest of Shrihan. Siri along with their adopted son Chaitanya have come to the house. Their track worked out well. Shrihan also got energized well.


Inaya's mother

Inaya Sulthana's mother also came to the house to talk to her daughter. It's been a while that the duo have met each other in the house. Inaya's mother was angry on daughter but she forgave in the episode.

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