Surya Makes Interesting Comments On Mahesh's Nani Films

By - November 28, 2022 - 03:30 PM IST

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Mahesh Babu's Nani is one of the film's that super star fans can never forget. However, their memories with the film are not positive, but negative ones. SJ Suryah after directing blockbuster film Khusi with Pawan Kalyan, joined hands with Mahesh Babu for Nani film. With this expectations of fans raised to the sky. However, making their excitement up-side down, the film stood as one of the biggest disasters in Mahesh's career.


This film director Suryah is currently acting in a web series “Vadhandhi” that is set to release within a few days. Ahead of its release, Suryah is busy with promotions. Interesting is that during these promotions, Suryah made some interesting comments on Nani.


Talking about the film Suryah said, “I do feel bad all the time for not being able to give a hit film to Mahesh Babu. Back then after the film’s release, Mahesh praised me for the hard work I’d done for the film and said that he appreciates my work irrespective of the result. That revelation by Mahesh pained me more”.


"If any day I feel like quitting acting, then I will do a film with Mahesh first", he added.

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