Samantha is getting stronger day by day

By - February 03, 2023 - 03:18 PM IST

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Samantha's next film in Telugu is Shakuntalam. She is currently working on another Bollywood project, Citadel. Meanwhile, the actress is also confirmed to be available for her next film Kushi. She seems to be gaining all her strength more than ever.


"Take a deep breath, papa. I promise you it's gonna be ok soon. You've seen far worse in these 7-8 months and you got through them. Never forget that. And remember how you got through them. You stopped thinking, you distracted yourself, you put one foot in front of the other and walked... you got the job done. It's incredible how you did it. I am so frikkin proud of how you kept doing it. And you should be proud of yourself too. You're strong," posted Samantha, revealing that she is getting better.


Recently, Gunasekhar & Samantha emotionally broke down at the trailer launch of 'Shaakuntalam.'


Samantha thanked 'Dil' Raju and said, "I just gathered strength and came only to see your love and response, and it is more than what I expected. Thanks to the hardworking director Gunasekhar gaaru & producer for trusting us".


The official release date of the film will be out soon.

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