Hollywood actress onboards SSMB29?

By - March 17, 2023 - 12:43 PM IST

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It's exciting to hear that director SS Rajamouli is taking a big leap with his upcoming film starring Mahesh Babu. The film is said to be on the lines of Indiana Jones and will require actors and actresses of different nationalities and languages.


Rajamouli, who gained popularity in Hollywood during the Oscar campaign for RRR, is reportedly working towards hiring a top Hollywood actress to pair with Mahesh Babu.


Additionally, he plans to hire many top Hollywood technicians for the film, including CGI and other crafts. It's clear that Rajamouli is working towards making this film a global product and setting a new standard in Indian cinema. Mahesh Babu is indeed fortunate to be part of such a groundbreaking project.

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