Balagam continues to surprise one and all

By - March 28, 2023 - 03:00 PM IST

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Balagam, a surprise hit at the box office this year, has garnered immense popularity despite lacking star power and being directed by a comedian. The film's native and genuine content connected well with families in Telangana, leading to increasing footfalls in theaters after its release. Word of mouth has played a crucial role in Balagam's success, with the film's 22nd-day collections surpassing its opening-day numbers.


Recently, Balagam premiered on Amazon Prime Video, and the film continues to enjoy a warm reception on this popular streaming platform. Balagam has consistently been in the top 5 movies/shows across India on Prime Video for the past few days, and its popularity is expected to continue. This success is significant in that it shows how small-budget films can make a mark in Telugu cinema based on strong storytelling and content, even without a star-studded cast.


It will be fascinating to see if other small-budget films can follow Balagam's lead and create a lasting impact on the Telugu film industry.

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