Spotlight: Secret Cam Tensions In Tollywood

By iQlik Movies - January 05, 2018 - 10:40 AM IST

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The tinsel town is filled with glamour and glitz but there is a dark side to it which is always hard to digest. Every now and then few skeletons roll out of the closet and everyone is alerted. The ongoing controversy of Ghazal Srinivas has begun giving nightmares to the Tollywood folks. As such, there are quite a few Tollywood people who have private affairs.

While some are done on mutual agreement, few are done through pressure and threats. Looking at what is happening with Ghazal Srinivas, those who are indulging in such acts are pensive if there are any spy cameras in the room or is any girl being sent by opponents or rivals as a honey trap and eventually blackmailing.

They are also fearing that when an affair goes wrong will that girl take the video and submit to the police. The variety of thoughts has brought tension and everywhere it is the same discussion. It is a known fact that many sexual affairs happen out of mutual consent and though it is not exposed, casting couch is also there.

But what if any girl comes with the only motive of ruining the opposite person’s life and ruining his career? If this fear is there and such situations don’t happen it is always good but once fear goes away, the original thoughts resurface. That is how things work but for now let us wish some of them to stop indulging in such things after this issue.