Bold and Beautiful: Bath Tub 'Ratthalu'

By iQlik Movies - January 05, 2019 - 05:14 PM IST

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Her first Telugu movie is 'Kanchanamala Cable TV', in which Srikanth was the main lead. But, the film was a dud at the box office.

After she has changed her name to Raai Laxmi from Lakshmi Rai, the milky beauty got good offers with memorable hits like 'Kanchana' and others. Raai Laxmi, who is also a social media sensation is known for her hot pics. Two pieces black bikini embracing her milky white skin proves that she is the hottest damsel. Raai Laxmi has done two films in the mega compound, in which she sizzles with item songs. Especially 'Ratthalu' song is still a super sensation.

Rathalu a.k.a Raai Laxmi is now working for 'Where Is Venkatalaxmi' in Telugu and, 'Neeya-2' in Tamil and Kannada.