Shocking: 'F'You: With Sherlyn Chopra

By iQlik Movies - April 29, 2019 - 01:06 PM IST

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The world has already changed to an unexpected level and the word ‘F’ means a lot now. And the ‘F’ is now waiting for another reason. Hyderabadi sultry Sherlyn Chopra is getting ready with her ‘F You’. But, what is ‘F You’, nobody knows yet.

Sherlyn Chopra is known for her oomph factor as she is setting social media fire with her hot and spicy photos as well as videos. Recently, Sherlyn Chopra has revealed one of her music videos ‘Vote Daal’ and it went big hit. So, we can expect one more high voltage music video from Sherlyn Chopra with the title ‘F You’. Sporting in red coloured lingerie Sherlyn Chopra has already set her Instagram page fire in the process of ‘F You’ promotion.

So, get ready guys for ‘F You’, which is gearing up to shock all.