Hot TalK: Bikini Panjaa By Pawan's Beauty

By iQlik Movies - May 25, 2019 - 02:02 PM IST

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She has come from modelling background and we have seen him with Pawan Kalyan in his movie Panjaa, which was directed by Tamil director Vishnuvardhan. Her name is Sara Jane Dias and she has appeared in several Bollywood films and off course she has acted in one or two Tamil films also.

Presently she has no films in her hands but with her latest and hottest photos she is making a very big sound in social media. The above picture is one of them and with this look, she is testing mercury levels. While speaking about Bikini glamour, Sara Jane said that beach and bikini are like an addiction for her. Showing curves is an art and of course without a hot figure there is nothing to portray hot avatar, the actress asserted.

She is now looking for good scripts and furthermore, she said that she is looking for a chance in the south. However, the hottest cheetah has turned as sex bomb for young hearts and its true.