Pic Talk: Tiger And 'Cleavage' Trigger!

By iQlik Movies - July 13, 2019 - 05:30 PM IST

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Sultry Malvika Sharma of Ravi Teja starrer Nela Ticket fame is making headlines for her hot and spicy show. Though she has appeared in only on Telugu cinema, she is making vibes in social media all because of bold acts. Recently, Malvika has posted a series of photos in her Instagram page, and above is one of them.

“This tiger is trained to be around people since the time he was born.Tiger cubs at Tiger Park are so cute, playful and mischievous ?? They are not being sedated or tranquilised because if that were the case these cubs would not have been so playful” Malvika said. Coming to the above picture, she is showing hottest cleavage and it is testing temperatures in young hearts. Is this show trigger her career to another level?