Pic Talk: Ileana got back her stunning physique

By iQlik Movies - September 22, 2022 - 05:21 PM IST

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Ileana used to be a heartthrob of the Telugu youth during the late 2000s. With her zero figure and stunning glam quotient, Ileana attained a massive following among youngsters.
In the recent past, she has put on a lot of weight and was seen with chubby looks. Finally, she shed all those extra kilos and attained a fit physique.
In her latest pictures, Ileana is shining in a slim avatar and is taking back us to the good old Pokiri days. Recently, Ileana shared a candid picture of herself with her friend and actress, Anya Singh.
In this monochrome photo, Ileana looks charming as ever in a structured physique. Her visible abs made the picture more stunning.
"Our last two brain cells trying to keep it together…and failing," she captioned the post.
As Ileana attained a toned body, we have to see if she gets any big offers in Tollywood. Her last Telugu film was the 2018 release, Amar Akbar Anthony.