Pic Talk: Rashmi rising the heat from the Maldives

By iQlik Movies - November 24, 2022 - 07:52 AM IST

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Among all the anchors that are newly debuting on the television media, there is still one lady who still stands as a strong competitor. It is not Suma, but Rashmi Gautham. Along with her skill she also playfully brings her wooing style to her work. She also went on to act in mainstream films like 'Guntur Talkies' and 'Antaku Minchi'.
Rashmi is currently on a personal vacation to Maldives. Taking to her social media, she posted a few clicks of her, floating her steamy looks, appealing appearance and also her cool vibe. Wearing an oversized shirt, the heat just went up on noticing her top button is left loose. She also went on to post various pictures of herself along with the exhilarating views of her location in the Maldives. Although the views are outstanding, it's just that Rashmi dominates them with her beauty pics.
Her video of dipping into the water and chilling at the pool generated so much steam in the viewers, but like she always does, she kept them posts engaging & thrust trapping! She also called this vacation with her bestie a 'girlymoon'.