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By - April 27, 2017 - 09:59 PM IST

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Cast: Prabhas, Rana, Anushka, Tamannaah, Nasser, Ramya Krishnan, Sathyaraj, Subba rRaju
Banner: Arka Media Works
Music: MM Keeravani
Story: KV Vijayendra Prasad
Cinematography: KK Senthil Kumar
Editor: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Producers: Shobhu Yarlagadda & Prasad Devineni
Screenplay & Direction: SS Rajamouli

Baahubali 2 Tagline: Baahubali - Box Office Badshah!
Baahubali 2 Plot:
Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali?
Did Mahendra Baahubali take revenge over Bhallaladeva?
The plot of the film Baahubali The Conclusion revolves around these two questions.
Baahubali 2 Performances:
It is all the way Prabhas show. Prabhas successfully carried the film on his shoulders and proved as an actor. It is sure that from next film, everyone will draw comparisons of his performance with Baahubali. The five years of hard work, commitment and utmost dedication was clearly witnessed on the screen. 

Rana Daggubati needs to be appreciated for accepting such a role and he is the best in the movie. As of now, we have seen one side of Rana in the first part of the film but when it comes to the second part of the film. Rana is completely amazing.

Anushka Shetty is completely a treat to watch out for in the film. The way Anushka behaves herself on the screen and the way her character unfolds towards the end is brilliant. Anushka Shetty, performance wise, has recreated a new benchmark with the film.

Tamannaah Bhatia is for glamour in the movie. In second part also, she did well and impressed the audiences.

Ramya Krishnan as Sivagami has shown her versatility again. If her performance in the first part of the film is brilliant, then this is more than that.

Sathyaraj as Kattappa is out of the world. The actor is outstanding. Nasser is also as good as Satyaraj and both the senior actors added strength to the casting department. Subba Raju impressed in a pivotal role in the film. The rest of the actors made their presence felt.
Baahubali 2 Analysis:
The first part of the film does not have a good story to tell. The first part was completely based on the actors and the performances and the graphics came as a big saviour. But unlike the first half of the film, the second half of the film has so much of story to tell. The emotional drama of the film worked out very big in the film. From the beginning to the end, the second part of the film never gets down. The film suffers few hiccups here and there but they don't show any effect on the film in the end.
The comedy in the first half of the film appears to be forced and artificial. Sathyaraj character doing some forced comedy did not work well. The comedy which was aimed to bring some good laughs disappointed. Except for that, the first half of the film is high on emotional moments that deserves a second watch. As the second half proceeds, the first half an hour second half lifts the momentum up and slowly the film starts falling flat. The climax of the film also disappoints with war sequences that are out of logic.
The curiosity that was built around Kattappa Killing Baahubali has been revealed in an interesting manner. The emotional drama built around this entire sequence has come out extremely well. Though the actual reason behind this was predictable, the director executed it in a way that the audiences will enjoy watching. The scenes between Ramya Krishnan and Anushka. Prabhas and Ramya Krishnan, Sathyaraj and Ramya Krishna came out very well. Every single character in the film was given importance and the proper ending has been given to every single character of the film. The second part of the film is more on story, emotions and drama and Rajamouli who is an expert in dealing that passed with flying colours.
Technically, the film is top notch. The film has several interesting layers that were presented well in the film. The writing has been amazing. We have not seen such storytelling on Telugu screen in the past and this is the best that we can expect from such a passionate team. It is sure that we are not going to witness a film like this for next one decade. The dialogues are good and meaningful. 

The cinematography by Senthil Kumar is excellent. The way he played with the visuals on the screen is impressive. The editing by the ace technician Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao is good. Rajamouli's inputs have worked well during the editing. The dance choreography is nice. The action sequences are designed in an interesting way the viewers never get the feel of boredom. The production values of the film are rich and except for ARKA Media Works, no one else could have done justice for the film as producers.
The film has some great performances. The technical team effort is evident in each and every scene. The way the director managed everything perfectly is appreciable. The links are properly established in the second half. Putting everything together, the film is going to be a sure shot blockbuster in Indian cinema which might end up being the highest grosser in the history of Indian Box Office.
Plus Points:
+ Emotional Plot
+ Cinematography
+ Performances
+ Interval Episode
Minus Points:
- Unconvincing War Scenes
- Comedy Track In First Half
MM Keeravani is the music director of the film and he has come up with the extraordinary score for the first part of the film. Without disappointing the expectations of the fans and movie lovers, the music director has scored some good tunes which already became a hit. With background score, Keeravani has elevated the film perfectly and gave a new experience to the film viewing. Watch it in a good sound projection enabled theatre and you will feel the magic of the sound.
The graphics work is, as usual, the best in the movie. Rajamouli is known for taking care of the graphics work. With the proper team and perfect planning, the makers came up with some best VFX work for the movie. The way war sequences were designed also impresses. Each and everyone was credited towards the film ending and it is one of the appreciable things. Many VFX companies have worked on the film to generate the best output on time. It is good to see each and everyone being credited in the end.
Baahubali 2 Verdict:

When compared to Baahubali The Beginning, there is a lot of emotional content in Baahubali The Conclusion. This film is heavy on story and emotions. There are so many whistles worthy and clap deserving moments in the film. The comedy and the war scenes in the climax are a disappointment. Finally, the film is a sure shot hit which creates a new record at Indian Cinema Box Office. A proud Telugu Cinema.

For Fans: Sky is the Limit to enjoy the film

For Movie Lovers: A Proud Telugu Film

User Rating: 3.75/5

Review By : Ram


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