Would you agree if we say we have two breeds of heroes over the ages in our Telugu cinema?

But, you should have to nod if we recall names like Chalam, Rajendra Prasad.

But, who is the heir for this gen? Of course, who do you think it is except ‘Allari’ Naresh!

His comedy flick Action3D creating abuzz in the industry, Allari Naresh is our SENSATIONAL STAR OF THE WEEK.

Let’s be frank for moment. Being a maverick director’s son, he didn’t make a conventional masala debut but instead a comedy one [Allari in 2002], that too made by a fledgling director – what a hatke start!

He took a flying start off with this film and thereon, never looked back. Against to the much grinded notion, he didn’t get stuck in any image cart wheels or impressing the so called ‘C, D, E’ sections of the audience. Though ‘Comedy’ was his mainstream wagon, he didn’t disappoint the makers who saw a versatile actor in him. In the due course, he earned a brand tag as a ‘Minimum Guarantee Hero’ and at one point he was the solo hero in Tollywood to have the maximum releases in a year [7 releases in 2010]. His versatile best delivered us films like Kithakithalu, Gamyam, Bendappa Rao RMP, Sambho Siva Sambho and many other laugh riots to stay hale and healthy.

And now, his latest flick Action 3D has stirred the T’town waters right away with its teasers and this first comedy 3D film of Indian cinema is busy entertaining the masses now.
He has got many milestones to par and many historic pages to create. Way to Go Man…

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