He defined the term ‘Power’ for the English dictionaries!

He redefined the term ‘Power’ for the Tollywood dictionaries!

Now it is the turn of the political dictionaries as well!

It is well-known fact that he is a phenomenon in Telugu cinema and can influence anything and anyone with respect to cinema, stardom and fandom. But with the latest election results, it is clearly evident that he can even influence the state politics. The moment he stepped into politics, both the ruling and opposition parties broke out in a cold sweat. Equations changed almost instantly and Pawan was on the battle field. Pawan’s innings was like Gayle’s or Maxwell’s innings with a single point agenda to wipe out Congress. In the due course, he had to go against his own brother and Pawan left no stone unturned for what is right to the public.

The moment he said “Congress Hatao”, the party completely flooded away with not even a trace of it. Though the world knows it’s clearly the ‘Pawan factor’ in the state, Pawan does not like to snatch away the credit. When the Prime Minister himself thanked him for the support crediting him the success, this Powerstar humbly wrote back “I have only tried to do my bit”- What else can show you his modesty.

It takes volumes to describe him and he is a sensation anytime irrespective of the season, success and timing! [Abba…last punch manadaithe aa kickke verabba!]

For playing a significant part in our state politics and for standing for the cause of the common man, he is our SENSATIONAL STAR OF THE WEEK!

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