‘Chiranjeevi’ isn’t just any other word. It is that word which can make 10,000 Volts current trip down the blood vessels. It is that word which can give you that unexplainable exhilaration. It is that word which gave loads of inspiration and memories to the current generation of fans and fledgling stars.

To all those who felt Chiru was done and all the “Chiru mania” was a word of the past, 22nd of this August should have answered all their doubts and zipped their mouths. The Chiru’ism’ is still alive!

Chiru looked like a million bucks in the recently released photographs and he has just tapped that dormant adulation in those fans who chose to forget him after his political stunt. That day, one thing was evident that all these years, fans were desperately waiting for their beloved ‘Annayya’ to be back on the celluloid.

Of course, they were disappointed to have not got any good news about his comeback 150th film. But unlimited love was pouring down all through the websites, social networking forums and all over.

You agree or not, Chiru is back and his fans are also back. Even there is any miniscule proportion, they’ll also be running behind once he releases the first look of his 150th film.

And this week, he is our SENSATIONAL STAR OF THE WEEK!

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