Show us someone who knows doesn’t know the name ‘Sunny Leone’ – Thanks to websites (till a year back) and now the credit is shared by our Telugu movies too!

After a successful streak in Bollywood, she came to spill her jalwa on our Tollywood tinsel town and she was indeed successful too! She taunted the Telugu youth but once Current Theega movie released, they went berserk about her.

Apart from the movie’s content, Sunny Leone’s glamor was unarguably the key asset of the film. If the film’s first half was that entertaining, due credit goes to Sunny. One of her dialogues “Aadadante perfume spray la undadkoodadu…” is already a huge hit. Adding to it, she was a scorcher in her Lungi dance episode in the film.

Today Current Theega is enjoying huge success and undoubtedly Sunny enjoys a fair share in it. Why ask us, anyone who has seen the film will explain it for you. Her first ever interview to the Telugu audience was a smash hit. So, all these factors make Sunny Leone our Sensational Star of the Week!

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