He is the most successful and undisputed person in the industry. He is known for his content drive films and adorns a goodwill for his support to fresh promising talents.

We never assumed him in our Sensational Star club but his presence has brought diversity to this club. Well he was in the headlines this week because of his recent outing Kerintha. Going into the story, this youthful entertainer has opened to mixed reviews but this film is being termed as the sleeper hit of the season. Though not on par with the previous films from this banner, Kerintha is has managed to grab a significant viewer base in the youth. But more than merit, Kerintha stirred a controversy with Nookaraju alias Nook (one of the lead roles in the film played by newcomer Parvatheesam) and the Srikakulam accent uttered by the role.

As a part of success tour, when Kerintha film unit visited Srikakulam, they encountered the most unexpected jolt ever. Few students from the crowd threw eggs at the screen and staged a protest alleging that Kerintha has disrespected Srikakulam's accent and culture. Dil Raju had to face the heat of the protest and later handle the subsequent controversy evoked.

While Pravatheesam, the newcomer had to instantly state that he was from Srikakulam and he had no intention to hurt anyone's sentiment, producer Dil Raju seconded him conveying his apologies for anyone hurt. In a television debate post the incident, Dil Raju reasserted that his film and the Nookaraju character is not intended to hurt anyone's sentiment and also revealed that Kerintha has its biggest collection share from Srikakulam district alone. Raju even advocated the youth that they must invest their time and energy on much bigger issues.

Meanwhile, industry onlookers opine that this controversy has only helped the film. Anyhow welcome Dil Raju into our Club and cheers for the Debutant Sensational Star!

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