• Cast Raj Tarun, ,
  • BannerSunshine Cinemas
  • Editor Marthand K Venkatesh
  • Cinematography Vishwa Devabattula
  • Music Sunny M.R.
  • Producer Akkineni Nagarjuna & Ram Mohan P
  • Director Virinchi Varma
  • Audio release date 15 Dec 2013

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Uyyala Jampala review

“A good one-time watch!“

Posted: 24 December 2013-11:46 AM

Suri Babu (Raj Tarun) and Uma Devi (Avika) are first cousins [Bava-maradallu]. They are fond of pulling each other’s leg and eventually grow up together. To evoke envy, grown-up Suri Babu and Uma Devi entertain a relationship with Sujatha and Parthu respectively. But, Uma Devi’s story deepens and elopes with Parthu (a con man) one day. Later, the true colors of Parthu are proven by Suri Babu and then love springs up between them. But how did they realize this forms the crux of the story.

Raj Kiran and Avika are two picture perfect actors for this story.

Raj, though a debutante was impressive with his ease, body language, dialogue delivery. Avika was ‘absolutely love’ to watch her as a village belle – And thanks to her efforts to lip sync. Her television experience might have come into place! With the dubbing voice suiting her, she was bliss to watch!

Anitha Chowdary was splendid with whatever she was offered. The rest are all new faces but none give you an impression of a debutant. 

Our vision is still green…green and green – the credit goes to director Virinchi Varma. Though he was a debutant too, you wouldn’t know that until we tell you.

Yes…we have to say it’s an age old story and you might think “Yes! We have seen enough movies of this genre” but the director takes us on a pleasant winter morning walk alongside our forgotten paddy fields and country sides.

The director proved the point that presentation matters than an out-of-the-world story. He presented us a simple story – simple and effective. He could chariot his debutant cast and crew towards perfection and tell a story with absolutely no haste and confusion.

But still, the second half could have been intact for a memorable movie experience. 

The music by Sunny serves to the director’s needs. The songs might not be chartbusting romantic numbers but they hurt neither your ears nor your eyes. Both the music and back ground score suit the situations and find a place in your playlist.

Cinematography deserves a special mention here – if not, our movie experience wouldn’t have been so green and cozy. The commendable editing is also responsible for this. Dialogs are so natural yet effective.

Watch it once for a pleasant movie experience but watch it with an open mind!