Why Only Sex Sells In Small Film?

By - February 20, 2015 - 08:30 PM IST

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The biggest challenge that many small budget filmmakers are facing is to get the film to the theatres and more than that, get the crowds to the theatres. Given the situation, the only way out seems to be sex. Like some wise old men of cinema have said ‘Sex sells!’. And there is logic behind that.

It is only the youth audiences that go to theatres for small movies. Doesn’t matter how good a movie is, but if it is with new faces, middle aged and family audiences will not come. So, in order to woo the youth audience, elements of sex, adultery, passion and romance should be there.

This fundamental is being followed strongly by the Bollywood producers Ekta Kapoor and Mahesh Bhatt. That is the reason they are making money at the box office. Their films come with small budgets but reasonable profits. This has become the only way for small budget movies. Maybe sometimes a movie like Uyyala Jampala or Kaarthikeya comes and becomes an exception but at an overall perspective, it is different.

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