Tollywood Heroes with World Map

By - February 20, 2015 - 09:30 PM IST

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You must agree that after Bollywood it is only the heroes of Tollywood who are not only fashionable but ensure there is a lot of richness in their movies. Going to foreign countries and shooting is quite common in Tollywood. At the same time, heroes and foreign fighters keep planning for good locations.

This is because the professional aspect is taken care of and personal recreation also happens. Currently, they are on the constant hunt for unexplored locations. Apart from the routine Bangkok, Singapore, Dubai even Europe also they are covering. For instance, Power had some shooting in Bulgaria.

Even the magnum opus Baahubali also went to Bulgaria for certain important sequences. Aagadu took place in Ireland and London. Now, they are also planning to head for South America and remote locations such as Iceland. As long as they don’t enter into Syria, Iraq, Lebanon or Libya we are fine with it.

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