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  • BannerRR Movie Makers
  • Editor Gautham Raju
  • Cinematography Srikanth Naroj
  • Music
  • Producer R. R. Venkat & Atchi Reddy
  • Director Deva Katta
  • Audio release date 19 Jan 2014

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Auto Nagar Surya review

“A Tough Auto Ride In A Jungle“

Posted: 27 June 2014-08:58 AM

Surya (Naga Chaitanya) orphaned due to a villanic deed by Kota Lingam (Chakravakam Madhu) in a train is denied to be taken care by his maternal uncle Saikumar, a financier in the area of Auto Nagar. So, Surya is raised by a mechanic Raghavayya, yet another mechanic in Auto Nagar. In retaliation to an attack upon their own garage, Surya happens to kill a local goon Jeeva and is subsequently imprisoned. Surya steps out with a graduation in automobile engineering, only to combat the mafia system rooted in the Auto Nagar region of Vijayawada. Nandu (Kiccha), Pandu are his friends and Siri (Samantha), the daughter of Sai Kumar is his lady love. Indra (Jai Prakash Reddy), the corporator of Auto Nagar ward and his brother Giri (Ajay) are the local leaders operating under the Mayor Kota Lingam. So, how did Surya stand against these odds, crack the rooted auto mobile mafia and win freedom to Auto Nagar region forms the crux of the story.

Naga Chaitanya: Naga Chaitanya gave his best to portray a tough guy like 'Auto Nagar Surya'. He did the essential action, delivered the high voltage dialogs, tried to throw the colloquial accent and emoted to his best. But ironically, ‘Surya’ needs more variation in his acting and dialog delivery!

Samantha: She certainly looked like the girl-next-door. Simple, Cute and hot too. But what to do, neither this script nor Deva Katta has got nothing more to offer to this able actress.

Chakravakam Madhu: He has been promoted to the level of the main villain. However his character lacked that complexity, cruelty and substance as hyped from the beginning. But, Madhu did his best to measure up to his promotion.

JP: Though his character corporator ‘Indra’ spills his violence best in the first half; he manages to entertain a bit in the second half.

Ajay: He is one actor who is raising the bar with each film. And this film is one such film which has Ajay in a different plane besides his usual job of eating blows from the hero.

Nandu: This young starlet is the new attraction in the film. He has grown by a notch and got to exhibit the true actor in him. But, unfortunately his character is not drafted with perfection.

Sai Kumar: We are sorry to reveal but on a frank note, his character is the biggest disappointer in the film. One should not step into the theater with expectations over him!

Brahmanandam, Venu Madhav, Brahmaiji join the list of actors who were under-utilized alongside Sai Kumar.

There are some impressive performances by everyone in the film apart from the lead cast.

Deva Katta, one of the finest intellectual filmmakers in the tinsel town who has proved his mettle with notable films like Vennela and especially Prasthanam has in fact disappointed with ANS.

In fact, a script like ANS is a bold and adventurous attempt, moreover after Prasthanam (a film of the same genre). His charactes are as usually real, intense with a depth to gaze into but his conflict lacked the clarity unlike in Prasthanam. 'Surya' character had a mission that knows no end and his victory isn’t validating too.

First Half: Starting off on a serious flash back note, the film sets in the rustic and greasy lanes of Auto Nagar - its labor unions, mafia and power politics. However, Surya manages to pull off couple of songs and a romantic episode with the heroine amidst that heavy conflict too. Some heavy violence, few impressive dialogues and a guest appearance by Brahmi and Venu Madhav may help you manage the first half.

Interval Bang: The director managed to get the pre-interval episode with a high voltage fight and much to accomplish for the hero but again it failed to implant the curiosity over the second half.

Second Half: Forced songs, predictable plot, overboard violence and a simple climax might actually affect the film.

In a nutshell, first half wins over second half.

- A strong, heavy, intense story line and conflict.
- A well-researched script.
- The power politics, the labor union conflicts and the corresponding atmosphere of yesteryear Vijayawada are captured well.
- Deva Katta marks impressive and though-provoking dialogues like “Rape ki Romance ki theda theliyani Janaalu” struck the chord.
- Performances by Naga Chaitanya, Samantha, Ajay, JP, Madhu, Nandu and others make it an engaging watch.

- Lack of clarity in the journey of the conflict.
- A half-way done characterization of the touted villain, a mission that lacks clarity, mistreated story and feeble screenplay.
- Under-utilization of able and expected actors like Sai Kumar and Brahmanandam might disappoint the audience.
- Violence (though an integral part of the script) rather went over-board and might actually be discomforting to the family audience.
- Though songs were well-picturized, they looked rather forced and misplaced.

Songs were good enough to pull the wagon but they are picturized well. Even the re-recording did its job to keep it engaging. However, the script needs a much high degree.

Typical Deva Katta dialogs like “Na Peru Surya…Auto Nagar Surya”, “Rape ki Romance ki theda theliyani janam”, “Bhayapettevaadu Bhayapade Vaadu Iddaru Sevalu” and few quirky one-liners leave you impressed. Cinematography and Editing are decent enough.

Auto Nagar Surya is an intense revolutionary drama that is forced into regular commercial format. It can give you the feeling of an auto ride in a dense jungle. Definitely not a great attempt than Prasthanam. A strict one-time watch that too for fans!

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