Hero Nandoo & Co ask 'Why Not a Girl Child?'

By - January 19, 2016 - 11:56 AM IST

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A celebrity can become well loved and admired not just with their on screen antics and talent but also by exhibiting social responsibility and taking up such projects which evoke thought in the common audience.

Hero Nandoo seems to know this fact quite well and that is why he chose a thought provoking film which questions about the value given to girl child in our society. Nandoo will be featuring in this special awareness video which asks about the gender equality issues and the reason why girl child should be saved. This video is made in duration of eight minutes directed by Sunil Puppala of Superstar Kidnap fame and produced by a vibrant lady named Bhargavi Reddy.

Interestingly the film will be releasing on Jan 24 which happens to be Save the Girl Child day. Kudos to Nandoo for choosing such a subject and spreading the good word!

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