Chalaki Chanti Files Police Complaint

By - January 19, 2016 - 11:50 AM IST

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Out of many comedy shows which made an appearance in Telugu channels, it is undoubtedly Jabardasth which became too popular in short span of time. Many artists who were introduced in the show are finding a fortune in Tollywood as well.

One such talented artist is none other than Chalaki Chanti. However, this actor has been facing lot of cyber trouble which led him to file a complaint in Khammam District Police station. Apparently, the actor has been getting vulgar comments from Guggala Raju who resides in Monditagu vllage in Yellandu Mandalam. The case has been taken and Police have started their investigation on it.

Chalaki Chanti became quite furious about the comments and he threatened that he has to be punished for this crime. Cyber crime not only seems to be a problem for female celebs but also for popular artists like Chanti as well!

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