Sameera Reddy

By - April 13, 2013 - 12:30 PM IST

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“Naalone Pongenu Narmada…Neellallo murisina thaamara…”

Sorry we couldn’t remember much about this green-eyed Arabian mare beyond this song! May be that is because she hasn’t anything noteworthy after Surya s/o Krishnan. Upss! She has sizzled in the item number “Ballari Bawa…” in Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum recently! Oh boy…how can anyone forget that sultry one!

Our Ctrl + Z writers like Sameera Reddy not only because she was angelic in Surya s/o Krishnan but also because she has got the shortest list of filmography in Telugu to analyze upon. Not a bit of strain and thanks to her for that!

But let us tell you, she is one of the very few girls with the right blend of a finest actor and out of the world glamor, available in the industry today. Otherwise, a director like Gautam Menon is no freak to have her in most of his productions.

Ok now, keeping Gautam Menon apart, if we can peep into career once…

2005: As usually a rocket!

  • Sameera forayed into Telugu through a big film like Narasimhudu, opposite a star like N.T.R, directed by a star director like B. Gopal. What a way to start her career! But unfortunately, the film bombed at the box-office. Though, it was a disaster, no one could easily forget her steaming looks [And “Yeluko Nayaka…” song too] and impressive talent besides having a Bollywood beauty like Ameesha Patel.
  • A chance in Jai Chiranjeeva later that year, opposite Megastar Chiranjeevi was obvious and she deserves it too. Yes…the film was a disappointer but Sameera scored brownie points as a perfect Jodi to the Megastar.

But, what to do! Even this film didn’t give her the needed breakthrough but instead awarded a complimentary gift of the tag “Iron leg”.

2006: One more ball and out!

After Jai Chiranjeeva, N.T.R (a very good friend of Sameera) charged in to give her the much needed break with Ashok! But, instead was broke with the film failing to create no impact at the box-office! Later, the pair ended up in a ‘break-up’ too.

After Ashok, she is gone for good two years.

2008: Dubbing Entry

Meanwhile, she was moderately busy with Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam films only when she said “Hai” to her Telugu fans with Surya s/o Krishnan [Varanam Aayiram in Tamil].

People had fingers over their noses when they saw this diva, whom they knew of as a glam doll, descending as an angel yet remaining the girl their next door in this film. Still, young lads chant the name “Meghna” like they chant “Jessie”. She won critical acclaim and applause for this movie. But, even then offers didn’t shower.

Forget about her thriller Erra Gulabeelu yet a dubbed version of Tamil Nadunisi Naaygal in 2011 [Sorry…we seemed to have reminded you].

Well, of late she has been confined to cameos and item numbers [“Ballari Bawa…” in KVJ].

P.S: Sameera Reddy is one mysterious heroine, who has everything except that share of luck. Otherwise, despite of having consecutive failures, who would have back-to-back offers, that too in Bollywood?

Keeping luck aside, if not a Ctrl+Z totally,
- She should have had a strategy and the wit to sense winning combinations wherever she went. You know critics’ claps do not feed you all the time! We need to have a commercial success in order to survive in this business.
- After Ashok, if she would have concentrated on Tollywood if not at least Bollywood alone, by now she would have ended up big somewhere or the other. But she frequently hopped here and there, shuttling between Mumbai and Hyderabad now she lies nowhere!

If she says she has mixed it up well, sorry dear you only messed it up for yourselves!