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Tollywood is no less an abode for talented beings but it is both glamorous and ruthless too. Anyone can cry “Khul Jaa Sim Sim” but not everyone here knows the secret key of the success chest. The industry is sweet to the winners but, our Ctrl Z writers are sweetereven more that they love even the low ebb parties. Because we know Success is not Permanent and Failure is not Final [Ah! What a punch dialog!].

Some faces have terrible fate written over their foreheads and are quiet predictable but someone like Siva Balaji often put our prophecy to test. Such a stupendous young talent that this industry counts in! But we are missing him in action from a while. We even want to give a missing ad! While he is growing as a good supporting actor and even a solo hero forming a niche fan-base, where did he make a botch of his career? - Is as usually what we wish to share. Come on…let’s jump in –
He had a good seven year career so far but 2004 was his turning point.

Before 2006: Who is Siva Balaji?

He’s the one who debuted with Idi Maa Ashoggadi Love Story (2003). It was a noteworthy debut in fact with an eminent director like Suresh Krishna [the maker of cult like Basha]. The film had some very good music too by Anand-Milind but didn’t fare well at the box-office.

Ominous start for any ambitious debutant but Balaji was lucky enough to get Ela Cheppanu the same year. Even though he wasn’t the show man in this film with Shriya and Tarun as the leads, the heroine apparently cries a lot for him all through the film and that’s how he manages to stay in light. The movie was a decent fare that year which offered fledgling Siva Balaji a sign of relief.

2004: Oh…he is Mr. Siva Balaji

He apparently got dehydrated with his next film Dostha that went largely unnoticed only when Sukumar came to his rescue. His cult love story ‘Arya’ shot him to the skies. It rather pronounced his name to the industry and ladies and everyone were busy predicting his heights.

After 2004: Where is Mr. Siva Balaji?

After the candy hit Arya, he joined the Sankranthi squad in 2005 as a brother to the hero. And obviously, the hit was credited to the hero’s account because Siva Balaji was apparently one in the herd. After a few flops like Kumkuma (2005), Sarada Saradaga (2006) and Kokila (2006), he has received a big card ‘Annavaram’ (2006) to act as the husband of Pawan Kalyan’s sister. But, unfortunately due to the film’s bombing, he was in a fix! Moving ahead with a fat hope only left Siva Balaji disappointed in the form of Pothe Poni (2006). Five consecutive flops and there is he back to the wall!

It was Chandamama (2007) that happened like a chilled mineral water oasis in the midst of an arid desert. It was a reviving film for the entire crew and this time Siva Balaji who grew optimistic again.

But to his dismay, except for Shambo Shiva Shambo nothing noteworthy hit us really till date and even the cine pundits are least expecting from him. For your kind info, he is coming up with Jagame Maya this year and Chandrudu next year.


Cautiousness and itch for perfection are two things that blow out on the face on an over dosage. He has somehow lost the judgement over his image and the projects he encountered. In today’s world, an actor of his stature needs to adapt to the contemporary modernistic cinema and make some big picks- if it is possible only through multi-starrer films, let it be. But one amongst the herd can give you nothing. Instead, multi-starrer comedies can offer you a ‘safer star’ image which can lead to further fortunes. But, Siva Balaji has tend to open as lover boy, then turned a family boy and is now inclined towards experimental films which are futile unless he manages to register a win.
P.S: If he can have a Ctrl Z, he could have opted out films like Sankranthi, Annavaram that don’t fetch him a dime of fame. Hereafter, he can be wary and pick some notable films rather than featuring in every film that comes his way. Well he and his wife Swapna Madhuri are quiet a popular couple. So, any ideas of featuring on Television?! Not a bad idea sirji….