Vamshi Paidipalli - The story of Yevadu is original!!

By - July 27, 2013 - 09:25 AM IST

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It is not at all easy to make a film with a Star Hero.  The story should suit the Hero’s image, fans should be taken into account and commercial elements should not be neglected. On top of all these, the film should be fresh and new. All these aspects are highly pressure centric. Vamshi Paidipalli has been doing this task right from his first film.  His career began with Munna. Though the film was not successful, the Film World came to notice the technical brilliance of the director.  By achieving success with Brundavanam, he stood in the race of competitive directors. His third venture Yevadu is going to hit the screens this 31st.  Incidentally, it is Vamshi’s birthday on 27th. On this dual occasion here is an exclusive chit chat with the director:

How are you going to celebrate this year’s birthday?
With loads of tension! I was born on July 27th. But this year I would celebrate my birthday on the 31st because it is the release day of Yevadu!

What kind of a film is Yevadu?
It is an out and out commercial movie.  But it doesn’t follow the regular pattern of a Commercial film. The film has what Charan fans expect from him along with some additional entertainment!

It is being said that this film is a copy of Hollywood movie ‘Face off’?
Face off was released fifteen years ago. There is absolutely no need to copy already existing films.  This is a completely new story.

You apparently narrated this story to Jr.NTR first?
Nothing of that sort. This story was exclusively written for Charan. I know Charan right from his Chirutha days. Munna was not released by then. One day I received a phone call and received accolades for the way songs were picturized in Munna. The caller was none other than Charan. After Munna flopped I was idle for a long time.  When I was at a coffee shop in a dull mood, Charan came and encouraged me.  He also asked me to tell any story so that we both can work on a film.  Right from then our friendship has been continuing. I decided right then that my third film would be done with Charan.

How did the idea of roping in Allu Arjun (Bunny) for this film prop up?
Right from the time of writing the story, we thought of a role for Bunny.  The main reason for it is because without Bunny the film wouldn’t exist.  The screen presence of Charan and Bunny is crucial for this film.  Though Bunny’s role is less in duration, the importance of his role is reflected throughout the film.

Did you narrate the story to Chiranjeevi as well?
I narrated the story to Chiranjeevi and Charan at the same time. Both were very excited after listening to it and instantly liked the story.  Chiranjeevi sir also watched the film and said, “While listening to the story I had some qualms. Now all those doubts are also cleared!”

Three of your films until now have been with Star Heroes. How do you handle this pressure?
It is a boon to work with Star Heroes. Very few people get this great opportunity. Unless something in me is found good, they won’t give me such a chance. Isn’t it? Such a chance should be utilized perfectly.

It is said that Yevadu budget exceeded the actual cost and the days of filming had to be extended.  Is there any particular reason behind this?
I wouldn’t talk about the details of the budget. Dil Raju is the right person for that. But, every rupee spent on the film is reflected in it.  We made the film in a grand scale. The filming days were not extended either.  When the filming began, Charan’s wedding commenced.  After that, he was busy with other projects Nayak and Zanjeer. That is why our film was delayed. We completed the film in 130 days.

Your next project?
It will be with Mahesh Babu. I will tell the details of it later!

Okay, All the best!

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