Ram Charan and Manchu Manoj - Fabulous Combo!!

By - September 06, 2013 - 06:32 AM IST

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New Age heroes have changed the trend. They are shaking hands and becoming friends. They also visit each other’s audio ceremonies to show solidarity. Not only this, if a good story comes their way they are even ready to act together keeping aside their egos.

Chiranjeevi and Mohan Babu remind us of Tom and Jerry. They have resorted to sarcastic remarks against each other countless times. It has always been YOU or ME?? However when they meet in public, they become good friends. It is not the same with their successors. Irrespective of the struggles between their elders, they are continuing their friendship. Ram Charan and Manchu Manoj are good friends, how will it be if they act together?

Manchu Manoj talked to iQlik Movies and said that it even crossed their minds many times. “We open up whenever me and Charan meet, even discuss on the subject of the films we should make. My dad and Chiranjeevi uncle acted in the films Patnam Vachhina Pativratalu and Billa Ranga. It would be fantastic if they are remade. Will my wish ever come true?” says Manchu Manoj. As a matter of fact no one is aware if these remakes will be made. But the idea to act together and the friendly environment between them should be much appreciated.