Sweety Shetty isn't just a GLAM DOLL!!

By - November 07, 2013 - 08:44 AM IST

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RECAP - It was just another day for everyone watching Sasha (Anushka) in the movie Super. First impression? This gal is Tall & Beautiful but will not be any more than a GLAM DOLL!!  After 8 years she becomes the QUEEN of Tollywood by swinging the SWORD just one time. UNBELIEVABLE & HOW? The opportunity knocked her in the form of Arundathi and she grabbed it with both hands, which once for all changed the dynamics of her everlasting career in this world of fierce competition.

When the entire industry is chasing for ZERO size heroines, this BIG GAL took everyone by surprise and reminded that “ACTING” still matters. Even though she received a ton accolades for Arundathi, Anushka did not corner herself to women centric roles.  She transformed into a commercial actor again and went Out of the Box in Billa with a Bikini…. Oh Boy!! Our writers got diverted for a SEC. Anyway who can forget this Bommali in Billa? And then she does the prostitute role in the movie Vedam. She really seems to have a bag of tricks!!  She quickly became the #1 heroine for a while and although it changed hands, she regained the Queen Status. Yes, Anushka is the No. 1 lead heroine in Tollywood.

Right now she has her foot in some of the most prestigious projects  such as Baahubali, Rudramadevi, Varna…these three films together are worth Rs.200 Cr. Anushka is the main lead in all these three films. Apart from Baahubali, both Rudramadevi and Varna are coming to the silver screen with the belief and ability of Anushka. Both these movies are valued more than Rs.100 Cr. Even Anushka worked very hard for these films and is still doing so. She learnt sword fighting and horse riding and did not accept any other films for the sake of these movies. She is such a versatile actor and a double-edged sword.

iQlik Movies wishes the dusky beauty Anushka Shetty a Very Happy Birthday !! And wishing her all the best for her upcoming projects Varna and Rudramadevi. We believe that she will go beyond the finish line…