Chandi in Bollywood?

By - November 07, 2013 - 08:05 AM IST

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National Award winner Priyamani has put a break to glamor roles and started focusing on women centric films. There is a lot of buzz on her forthcoming film Chandi – the story of a girl who goes to any extent to take revenge on the people who hurt her family.  She delivered punch dialogues and did action sequences in this film, which elevated her character to that of a hero.

The movie Chandi is going to make noise at the box-office” says the director Samudra. With all the talent showcased by Priyamani, Samudra opines that Chandi is tailor made for Bollywood. He is seriously contemplating to make this movie in Hindi and has plans to rope in Anupam Kher and Sunny Deol along with Priyamani.

We hope Samudra is not going over board by boasting too much prior to its release.  Let the movie show its power in Telugu and we can think about Hindi later.