• Cast , Krishnam Raju, Sarathkumar
  • BannerOmics Creations
  • Editor Nandamuri Hari
  • Cinematography Vasu
  • Music Chinna
  • Producer Dr Srinu Babu G
  • Director V Samudra
  • Audio release date 12 Aug 2013

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Chandi review

“Torture at its Best!“

Posted: 08 November 2013-23:55 PM

Chandi (Priyamani) is a courageous and an aggressive young woman who is well versed in the art of combat. With the help of Shankar Azad (Sharat Kumar), she starts killing officials and political leaders. The government hands over the case to CBI headed by Srimannarayana (Nagababu), as the Police are unable to solve the murder mystery.

Chandi even evades Srimannarayana’s multiple attempts to capture her. She starts hunting down enemies one after the other and in the process, she kills Bangarraju (Supreeth), a notorious person and the son of a minister. Angered and upset, CBI intensifies the search for Chandi. During the course of the investigation, some shocking truths are revealed about Chandi.

The movie is all about who is Chandi? Why does she commit murders? What is the relationship between Ashok Gajapathi Raju (Krishnam Raju) and Chandi?

Unable to hit the right chord with glamor roles, Priyamani turned to female oriented roles with the movies Kshetram and Charulatha. The two movies did not provide the correct result and unfortunately, Chandi also left her disappointed. Priyamani is a very good national winning artist, but she looked pale. 

Priyamani did a fair job and tried to impress with her diction and action avatar although it went overboard. If a significant role like Chandi is not well written, what can one expect of Krishnam Raju? Although he did a small cameo, it was evident that it is time for him to be retired.

Sarath Babu, Nagababu and Ashish Vidyarthi did justice to their roles while Posani, Krishna Murali and Ali did elicit some laughs. However, none of the character is well written and wasted.

Samudra is an emotional person who tries to film every scene in a grand way and tries to elevate the character in the same range. However, if the story does not have the power, what difference does it make? The negative aspects of his direction skill outshined the positive. Not even a single scene was properly written and every twist in the story was predictable. He failed miserable as a screenplay writer.

He made a mockery of the Antakshari scene from Pawan Kalyan starrer Gabbar Singh and inserted some real life incidents such as Nirbhaya case, which did not have any connection with the film. The entire movie lacked logic and director Samudra should shoulder the responsibility for its debacle.

There is nothing to talk about the songs and their placement in the movie added to the misery. The background score by Chinna is worse. If the narration is not strong, what can the background score do? 

Except Vasu’s cinematography, everything is substandard. Story, narration, music, acting, editing are all in their primitive stages.

Nobody is expecting any wonders from Samudra, and that could be the reason why he did not put any effort into the film. An average story was made to look worse.  You can definitely give it a miss.

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