There is no other way except to believe in the storyline- Karthi

By - December 17, 2013 - 01:47 PM IST

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Karthi’s progress is spectacular with eight films in six years. Out of them 75% are hits. This means he is a first class student. He follows the commercial path like everybody else but shows his novelty in it. This is the secret of Karthi’s success. He satisfies the actor within himself and gets profits for his producers as well. Though he didn’t do even one straight film in Telugu, he is still known to be our dearest Telugu Hero. He is once again coming to show us the taste of his ‘Biriyani’. The film is due for release this Friday and on this occasion; here is an exclusive chit chat with the actor:

Will this Biriyani be spicy?
(Smiling) Biriyani would taste good only when it’s spicy. The same applies for this film. All the ingredients should be added in right proportion but with an additional pinch of Masala. Our film Biriyani is made exactly in the same way.

Going by the title and promotional images, the film seems to be targeting the masses?
It is not an easy thing to impress mass audience. They won’t be satisfied with mediocre things. The story should have high potential. However, our film is not only for the masses. It would be equally appreciated by class audience and families as well. The film has mass action along with sister sentiment.

From an audience point of view...what aspects of Biriyani did you like that made you choose this film?
I think about any story initially as a common man. I think this is the most stylish film of recent times. The storytelling is quite afresh. The second half has got a different pace. Venkat Prabhu made this film very well. Even the songs came out quite well. This is the hundredth film for Yuvan as a composer. I'm really happy for him! Me, Venkat and Yuvan studied in the same school. As we share same wavelength, the filming went on like a picnic.

But the results of Shakuni and Bad Boy should have disappointed you..
Yes. However, it is past. We have to just concentrate on the present at once and come with a fresh thought. I know where Shakuni and Bad Boy went wrong. I made sure such faults are not repeated again. I know a film would not run with just 'Karthi' alone. This is a collective team effort of some hundreds. Well, nobody can change the fate of the film; we can be only a part of the result.

On what lines do you usually think while hearing a story?
First of all, I would think if I had done a character like that previously. If I feel that I have, I wouldn’t accept. Because; an actor needs to give a peculiar expression for the type of character adorned and it is highly difficult for me to repeat the same. I believe in story and story alone. There is no better path than that.  The person who deals with the story is also of high importance to me.

What sort of changes you witnessed in your life after marriage?
Everybody’s life changes after marriage, and I am of no exception. It takes minimum two years to understand the partner and in the meanwhile one has to adjust!

There has been a craze for multi starrer films of late; are you keen upon such?
No. But I want to act along with my brother. Unfortunately it’s not working out. Though I am hearing lot of stories, nothing is measuring up to my expectations.

Do you look only for the subject of the story or even the complete script?
Most of the stories look great when the subject is narrated. But when it comes to the script stage, things go missing. Lot of things should be added in the script stage. That is why I ask directors to come with a robust script.

How much longer would you take to accept a subject from a Telugu director?
(Laughs) I didn’t have a particular time frame in mind. I have been trying my best to do a straight Telugu film from a while now. If I get hold of a good story, there wouldn’t be any delay.

You sang a song in Biriyani. Will you continue this trend from now?
If the directors ask for it, I will definitely do so. But singing isn’t as easy as it appears to be. It is a very very tough one and I have learnt that it looks nice only when professionals do.

Do you have any plans to enter Bollywood?
(Smiling) I am not able to find time to make a solid entry in the neighboring Telugu industry, how can I do a Bollywood entry sir! I am only looking to excel in Tamil and Telugu films. Nothing more than that.

Wishing you all the best..
Thank you!