Samantha-Siddharth's Twitter ruckus!

By - December 17, 2013 - 01:08 PM IST

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Actors Samantha and Siddharth are making news again! And this time, it’s not for their so called ‘love story’ but indeed for supposedly expressing what they felt.

Going into the story, Samantha’s tweet

Saw a poster of a yet to be released Telugu film. Not only is it deeply regressive, but it's point is actually that it is deeply regressive” in twitter around 8-9pm a day before has apparently triggered this hullabaloo. Co-incidentally a new set of Mahesh Babu’s 1-Nenokkadne wallpapers were out the same day evening. So according to the fans, she made this statement allegedly referring to one of Mahesh Babu’s 1-Nenokkadine wallpaper. Immediately, the fans have lodged an avalanche of comments and hate speech demanding an explanation on her reference and her expression. In the meanwhile, actor Siddharth have come in support of Samantha tweeting –

Agree or disagree all you want. The moment you question anyone’s right to an opinion, well that just makes you a bully, a terrorist even”

With this the scenario grew even worse. Fans have started “#GetLostSamanthaAndsiddharth” trend which is going and growing rapidly! What’s more interesting is that “#WeLoveSamantha” trend is also sprouting up in support of Samantha. And surprisingly, even Mahesh Babu hasn’t tweeted anything upon this entire episode yet.

Well, what’s next?? That we’ll have you posted. For now, enjoy this popcorn news!